Kosmo X. Parker

FREELANCE ILLUSTRATORSequential Art + Character Design **+ ** Illustration


I'm a community-taught digital artist based in Seattle, WA.I believe in creating art for the sake of creation. I strive to keep my art bursting with emotion by pushing character expression and exploring vibrant color schemes.I specialize in crisp, clean, and detailed line art. I've a flexible yet distinct inking style that I enjoy showing off whenever I can.



A 60-day creator challenge combining both Inktober and NaNoWriMo to create the first chapter of a webcomic.LEARN MORE

character design


sequential art


A coming-of-age tale about dungeon crawling, chasing your dreams, and proving your parents wrong.Launching Winter 2021LEARN MORE

Autobiographical Strips & One-Shots

Stream-of-consciousness comics spanning from 2014 to present day, chronicling my experience of self as a Black, trans, gender-nonconforming artist struggling to survive life on the margins.

Published Work


An autobiographical account of unpacking gender expression while navigating the world as a fat, Black, nonbinary fem.Writer - Lemons
Illustrator - Kosmo X Parker

Live Like moss

A forgotten ritual, two lovers trek the mountain together in search of each other during exploration of asexual desire and sensuality.Writer / Illustrator - Kosmo X Parker

The Nib
Pandemic Issue

Original Plumbing
Issue #19

The Solidarity Sturggle